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At Charaka Learning, in addition to competition courses, we provide coaching for PUC as well. The PUC tuitions at Charaka Learning have been set up with the objective of preparing school children for their school tests and exams along with the highly competitive examinations like IIT-JEE/ KCET/ NEET in the future. We focus on building better concept knowledge and shaping minds.

We cater to the students of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th standard irrespective of the school boards. The School study programmes are designed and delivered by highly qualified faculties hailing from premium institutions with a sound knowledge base. We facilitate an impeccable educative environment where students are encouraged to enjoy the learning process to come out successful.

There are three different modules for our PUC base tuitions in Bangalore.

  • Foundation Course
  • For students aiming for PCMB in the first class of college or 11th standard, this is a thirty day foundation course. It comprises of the fundamentals of PCMB that are necessary for beginning the science education in college. The foundation course at Charaka Learning starts from standard 9th onwards which introduces students to the level of difficulty and kind of preparation required to crack a competitive examination.

  • Tuitions
  • We conduct coaching classes in the form of tuitions in order to make students perform better. It is a complex course of Mathematics & Science for class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th that provides a chance for the students to score well in the entrance level examinations. Tuitions are set for three hour duration, five days a week. Our teachers are highly experienced who act as proper guides to boost the morale of every student in the class.

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This is a composite course designed for the students of class 11th and 12th standards. It is framed through a class book scheme and competitive tests for Technology and Medical. We align this course in a way that it is adaptable with changes made to the study and exam pattern in PUC, while being easy-to-comprehend for the students.

Course Highlights
  • Integrated approach (PUC + Competitive Exams)
  • There’s a fair amount of overlapping between the PUC syllabus and competitive exams, hence an integrated approach minimizes the chances of duplication. In addition to that, it even provides students a way to practice more.

  • Doubt clearance sessions
  • It is common for students to have pre-examination jitters. In order to avoid the extra stress they put themselves through during preparation, we conduct separate classes for doubt clearance. It also facilitates a method for the mentors to interact and understand the grasping abilities of an individual student. These sessions are integrated with the regular class schedule.

  • Performance analysis
  • This is conducted with the aim to help identify the strengths and weakness of students and maintain the potential for further growth as well to accomplish goals.

  • Parent teacher meets
  • Improving communication between the parent and teacher helps both the parties to get a clearer picture and have a better understanding of the student capabilities. This will encourage the student to keep performing better.

    Special Sessions for
  • Improving memory & concentration
  • Focus is paramount when preparing for exams. Your focus drives you to a better memory capacity and retaining ability. Lack of focus gives rise to procrastination as well. These sessions are imperative to combat the lack of focus and boost memory.

  • Managing academic stress and exam fear
  • When stress takes over a student, it builds a home for fear. Exam phobia is common when the examination is right around the corner. We equip our students with simple techniques that help them to deal better with academic stress and combat exam fear.

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Charaka is one of the best coaching centres in Bangalore to deliver top quality tuitions for a wide range of competitive exams. Engineering and medical entrances are some of our top priorities. We provide premium tuition lessons for IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced), NEET PG, PUC, COMEDK, CET and various other highly competitive exams. Our experienced faculty and top-notch infrastructure has proved to be pivotal in churning out scores of engineers and medicos in the contemporary industry. The maximum benefit of students being our primary objective, Charaka models its classes in a way that helps young minds learn best. One of Karnataka’s best coaching centres; Charaka is dedicated to reflect quality standards of education. We have built a liberal environment, backed by a truly digital groundwork where students are encouraged to utilize their potential best. Our students are provided with a learning experience that upholds international standards.

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