5 Brilliant Hacks for Medical Aspirants

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Each year thousands of students passing out of class 12 appear for their medical entrance exam – Out of which a select few get to realize their dreams. In order to crack one of the most difficult entrance exams in the country, a combination of well-crafted strategy along with immense hard work is needed. To prepare for this, some of you might have joined the best coaching institute for medical entrance exams. In case you haven’t, here are a few tips to get the ball rolling

1. Know Your Syllabus

You don’t need to be told how important it is to have knowledge about what the exam is about. Compare it to your current course curriculum; this will show you that a lot of topics are common. This way you won’t need to spend extra time preparing for them, and can concentrate on the topics that aren’t covered in your syllabus.

2. Follow NCERT

It has been drilled into our heads that NCERT is the Holy Grail for students aspiring to do medicine.  Regardless of whether you’ve been preparing for ages, or just starting, NCERT is the way to go. It covers all the basics and fundamentals. Even the pictorial questions are usually sourced from the NCERT textbook.

3. Practice previous years’ question papers

As cliched as it sounds, practice really does make perfect. The paper pattern doesn’t really change with each passing year, and hence practicing the previous years’ papers will help you gain a clear understanding of the types of questions to expect, the pattern, and most importantly, how to manage your time for this medical entrance exam.

4. Work on your weak areas

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Concentrate on yours to improve. In addition to working hard, a good way overcome this is to reach out to peers, seniors, and also of course going to a pre medical coaching center.

5. Prepare a schedule

It’s well known that one of the key things success can be attributed to, is organization. Cracking a medical entrance exam is no exception to this. It is not only about knowing everything, managing time is also key. Create a well-planned study routine keeping in mind your current course, as well as what the medical entrance exam requires. Always set targets that are not too easy but are none the less achievable.

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