5 Tips to Clear IIT JEE 2018

Each year, approximately 12 Lakh engineering aspirants appear for the JEE Main examination. Amongst these, only the top 2.2 Lakhs get shortlisted for JEE Advanced. In case you’re looking for a shortcut which can help you crack this examination, there is none. It is sheer hard work that can get you successful, though smart work helps to design a clear strategy to achieve this tough target. That being said, even more important is to believe in yourself that you have what it takes to make this dream come true. The perception that you are not brainy enough to get into IIT or it is too tough for you, is absolutely wrong. At our IIT coaching classes in Bangalore, we instill the confidence in our students necessary for them to come out at the top.

The most important task at hand is to strike the perfect balance. Since, boards are the most important examinations with respect to academics; it becomes difficult for students to stabilize them with the IIT entrance examinations. Our faculty carefully guides the aspirants on how to prepare for both simultaneously and not miss out on either, making Charaka the best coaching for IIT JEE.

Here, we share the essential steps to crack the IIT-JEE exams.

1. Prepare a schedule:

Organization is the first thing required in order to complete any task, and the same goes for your entrance exams as well. When you have your days planned in advance, there is nothing left to the last minute. This leaves you with ample time to revise everything thoroughly. Set your monthly goals, followed by week-wise and daily-wise. While planning is essential, you should remember to set ‘achievable’ targets and not unreal ones. Allot time to each subject or topic based on the difficulty level and your abilities. Keep a tab on what you do in every hour of your day, in order to set your plan in motion.

2. Practice more mock tests:

Ideally, you should begin your preparation at least 6 months before your exam date. This will give you more time to take up mock tests and analyze yourself better. There is an abundance of practice tests both online and offline. Amongst the lakhs of students who appear for the IIT entrance, the ones who have practiced for perfection achieve their desired destination. Discipline yourself to sit for timed mock tests and relieve yourself from any possible distractions that might show up.

3. Time yourself:

While it is great if you are able to solve a numerical, don’t forget to time yourself while you are at it. If you take much time, you will have to figure out ways and devote much more time to practicing in order to solve them in less time. You can always put an alarm and assign yourself a particular time frame in which you have to finish your questionnaire. You can follow the same guideline for mock papers as well. Time yourself while attempting and try to finish them in the desired time frame which will help increase your efficiency.

4. Good choice of study material:

Whether you are using the study material from online resources or offline, ensure that they are reliable and renowned. If you are following the reference material from your coaching institute, then make sure they are top-notch. In case any guidance is required, you can always rely on people who have professional experience in mentoring IIT aspirants. Our IIT training institutes in Bangalore provide reliable study materials to all our students, making their preparation easier.

5. Persistence:

When it comes to your goals, there is no giving up. Unless you have persistence, nothing you plan will work out as well as it should. For instance, if you get stuck in a question you must try working your brain at least five times before you jump to the solution guide. This will make you more confident about your capabilities, and give you a sense of achievement.

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