Common Mistakes to Avoid in NEET

The year 2017 saw 11.5 lakh medical aspirants registering for National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET).However, there are a lucky few who are able to realize their dream of getting an admission to top medical institutes of the country. Combining self-studies with what you learn at your coaching centers for NEET,in an effective manner will set you up for success.

Any entrance exam requires months or maybe years of extensive preparation considering the enormous syllabic. Amidst the pressure and planning sometimes students lose sight of the simple mistakes they end up doing. These mistakes might look small, but in the long run they could cost you a lot in your exams. With the level of competition today, you cannot afford to make any silly mistakes.

Let us have a look at some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid in NEET:

1. Inefficient planning:

Designing a hectic schedule might seem as the way to go, but it is not feasible in the long run. You might be led to believe that the longer you study, the better you will score and cover the entire syllabus. This is far from the truth. It will affect your retention abilities and you may develop fatigue. Your brain requires some hours of rejuvenation in order to restore balance and improve memory function and taking small breaks in between will help you with the same. Hence, it is recommended not to compromise with your sleep, eating or relaxation time and prepare a plan to combine everything along with your study hours.

2. Rote Learning:

Rote learningis a popular tool amongst most students, but it isn’t an ideal long-term option. It might aid you to remember some topics to an extent initially. However, you don’t gather knowledge of the concept when you cram topics to get it over with. What you study at your NEET exam coaching centerneeds to be backed up by self-learning in order to get a deep grasp at topics. Instead of memorizing everything, try to understand the concepts and focus on learning things.

3. Ignoring Subjects:

4. Inability to follow time-tables:

Once you start your preparation for NEET, time tables need to be your best friends. Sticking to your time tables will help you get through syllabus revision more efficiently and prevent any last-minute jitter situations from happening. A good time table you follow helps you ease out your journey of preparation and be more composed on the days prior to your exam. If needed you can seek help from your mentors at your medical entrance coaching or your seniors for deciding on an optimal time table.

5. Questioning your preparation:

When the exam date is nearing, panicking will only add to pressure that you are already feeling. Hence, you must have complete confidence in what you have studied and whatever you know. Solve mock tests online to be in sync with your preparation. If you have been studying dedicatedly, and worked hard you must believe that you will achieve success. Doubting yourself isn’t a good idea.

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