Four essential reasons why you should attend our crash course

IIT-JEE preparation

Engineering can be both enticing and puzzling at the same time. With so many streams and options to choose from, it’s normal for aspirants to find themselves trapped in a haze of confusion from time to time. But once you have already enrolled at Charaka, one of Bangalore’s best IIT-JEE coaching centers, your passion for the subject is reflected alongside your resolution to get into one of the top engineering colleges in the country. Even though this is a perfectly wise decision, there are still quite a few steps left till you reach your objective. Proper and timely determination of the field of Engineering that you are particularly interested in, is also paramount to having a successful, untroubled career ahead.

Hone your problem solving skills

In order to motivate and assuage the applicants, Charaka Center for Education is organizing an extensive crash course for the IIT-JEE aspirants (Mains & Advanced) NEET and some other competitive exams. Students will be having a month long schedule of comprehensive problem solving and mock tests. The final assessment will also be on the basis of overall performance and problem-solving skills. The course will also contain chapter-wise concepts discussion and general lectures regarding the test papers on a regular basis.

Choose the right stream

Some of the most widely chosen fields in this profession include mechanics, electronics, computer science and civil engineering. Finding and opting for the proper stream amongst a perplexity vast spectrum of subjects is often challenging. Our institution, being one of the top IIT coaching centers in Bangalore, is dedicated to guide you and provide you with all the necessary counseling to make this sorting process easier for you.

Crash course to prep you right

Since Engineering is still considered a reasonably popular choice amongst students, we at Charaka have modeled the crash course in a fashion that will help students with their IIT-JEE preparation and pick up the essential lessons needed to succeed in a short span of time. The pivotal learning areas are particularly taken from the exam patterns of previous years. Therefore, students comprehend the exam well before they appear for it and can come through with flying colours in their first attempt.

Figure out your preferences

Given the fact that IIT-JEE preparation and stream selection is an unnerving procedure, it could be difficult for pupils to pinpoint one given discipline easily, but to discover your true potential and passion for a stream, it’s important to dig deeper into each stream before taking the final call. Since the choice you make would bear permanent implications in your future, it’s better to take time, gauge the pros and cons of each discipline and then make the decision. Our crash course will help you analyze your aptitude and provide you with vital guidance that will pave your path towards a flourishing career ahead.

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