Mistakes to Avoid in Online JEE 2018

With the introduction of the new online pattern for JEE Advanced, it has become even more important for students to be vigilant while taking the exam. Since getting through to JEE Advanced is only for the serious aspirants, the competition automatically cranks up a notch. The students thus need to make sure to not get flustered with the newly introduced online pattern. It makes it necessary for students to thoroughly analyze themselves based on various concepts and know their current standing by taking mock online tests. This approach will prove to be beneficial to identify mistakes better and minimize the chances of negative score penalty in the actual examination.

In this blog post, we will discuss the most common made mistakes and ways to tackle them;

Ineffective Concept Knowledge

If a student does not have a thorough knowledge of concepts, it is difficult to fully comprehend questions in the examination. JEE consists of questions covering all of the chapters and topics giving students an opportunity to perform well or lose out on marks. When students are well-aware of their strengths and weaknesses they can prevent the loss of marks. This will happen when they accordingly devote their time in order to overcome their weaker areas.

Inability to perform in all subjects

Since the JEE is a blend of Physics, Chemistry and Math giving equal weightage to all the three, students need to balance their preparations in a way that they score well in each section. There are a lot of incidences where students fail to qualify JEE despite scoring high, as they fail to score in one subject. Thus, if you are serious about clearing the exam; design a schedule that helps you balance your preparation equally.

Not Analyzing Preparations

In order to strategize your test strategy and preparations well, you need be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. One cannot rely on peers and teachers for feedback as it is prone to errors. You can make use of the online analytics tools to help you in providing a clearer picture of your preparation. Online analytics explains the various aspects of your performance helping you realize the concepts to focus on.

Not taking enough Mock Tests

which will help you get acquainted with the pattern. Not only that, it is good for knowing where you stand with your preparation. It is important for building the right temperament for JEE Advanced. Your JEE coaching can help you by providing ample relative mock tests and analyzing your growth.

Lack of practice

Maintaining concentration for a long time interval comes after months of practice giving you the feel of an actual exam environment. JEE Advanced has gone online now, which might make some students anxious, in case there is a temporary network or computer issue. As nervousness breeds mistakes; when students practice enough, they learn to hold their nerves better in such circumstances.

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