Role of Mock Tests for Exam Preparation

Thousands of aspirants appear for competitive exam each year, however a major chunk of them don’t get through. The main reason for this could be easily attributed to lack of concept knowledge. Your hard work could go down the drain if you don’t test yourself before the big day. Enter: mock exams.

Tests which you take before appearing for the final exam on a trial basis are called mock tests. Not only do they help you determine your capabilities, they also let you know your weaker points so that you can devote more time and focus to strengthen those concepts. These days there are numerous resources to help you in improving your preparation for all kinds of entrance exams. Online mock tests can be accessed from anywhere and you can either opt to take the test pertaining to certain topics or the entire test according to your level of preparation.

Let us try and understand the huge role that mock tests play in exam preparation;

1. Complete preparation assessment:

When you start taking mock tests during and after your preparation, you can easily assess the level of preparation. This proves extremely helpful to crack your entrance exam and score well.

2. Gauge the weaker areas:

Mock tests will help you identify your weaker areas ahead of time, so that you can come up with effective strategies to overcome them and turn it into your strength.

3. Enough practice:

The main advantage of taking up mock tests is the immense practice they provide. They help you determine any obstacles you might face while attempting the final exam. And accordingly, prepare for the same if it shows up. It also goes to say that practice does make a man perfect.

4. Better Time Management:

It is the most important factor when preparing for an exam. For a successfully completion of an exam, time management is needed. A very common mistake made by most students is spending too long to solve a particular question when they get stuck. But, this results in poor performance. Hence, allotting time for every section is extremely essential. With every mock test, you will notice an increase in your speed, and know which section needs more attention helping you tackle questions accordingly.

5. Important questionnaire:

While solving mock tests you will get aware about the repeated questions which are asked in the entrance exams often. So, when you appear for the entrance exam, you can attempt these questions first. And, once you know the important topic, you can devote more time to learn them. This will save up some of your time and ensure that those marks are locked for your advantage.

6. Understanding of the paper structure:

Mock tests online or offline help the students by presenting an opportunity to be in sync with the style and scope of the question paper. Whether it is the structure of the exam or the segregation of questions, it will help you out when you sit for the final exam.

7. Better idea of exam environment:

Many a times, it could be a little overwhelming for students who have never appeared for an entrance exam before. The fear might take over your reasoning, and you might end up making mistakes in haste. But, with mock tests at your disposal you can get the actual feel of the examination hall. Being placed in a similar situation and pressure before the actual exam can help you overcome pre-exam jitters.

Though, just taking mock tests is not enough in itself, but keeping a track of your progress is an important factor to consider. You should aim to solve as many tests as possible before the entrance exam to get a complete picture of where you stand, where you need more work and come up with plan for the same.

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