Self Study: Why Do it?

Defined as the process of studying without any direct supervision or attendance in a classroom, self-study makes a significant change in the lives of students.It involves studying through online resources, tutorials or books enhancing the individual approach towards learning. While putting all our focus on coaching classes, seldom do we relate the importance of self-study in preparing students to realize their dreams. But, in order to make it through an examination with flying colours, it is imperative to combine what you learn at coaching classes with self-studies.

A strong knowledge base is necessary for creating strategies and enhancing decision making skills.The approach of self-study becomes like an extensive research, starting from the stage of collection of data, interpretation, analysis, to recollecting information.The concrete knowledge build by research is deep-rooted and stable. You cannot learn everything while sitting in a classroom, which is why you are encouraged to revise the material by yourself post the class.The faculty at our NEET coaching centers in Bangalore encourages students to indulge in self learning as much as possible.

When you are on the path of self-learning, you need to set attainable objectives from the get go.These will help you build a better approach towards your studying process. Explore various reliable information sources and references which you can use in order to kick start your plan. Post this comes building interest. Since it is easy to get distracted from your goals, creating an interest within yourself will prove to be useful.

Now that you know how to do establish the process, let us look upon the benefits of self-studying.

Improves Planning:

The preparation depends excessively on planning. When you go solo, you have the opportunity to design a schedule that fits you the best according to your individual requirements. You can decide the topics you need to spend more time on and the time of the day you will yield maximum productivity. You can even allot a time for you to take a break to engage in social life or indulge in recreational activities.This introduces you to a new strategy prowess in you, which you might have not noticed before.

Better way of Learning:

Knowing your shortcomings and abilities will give you a clear understanding of the things you need to do in order to move forward. This happens when you sit down and study by yourself. When you face an obstacle during studies, you are bound to give it a go before completely shutting it down.This helps you to discover new ways to solve queries, stretches your brain, making the learning deeper and last longer.

Refines Problem Solving skills:

Beginning to learn a new concept, you are constantly explaining it to yourself, creating connections or building real life examples to assist you in solving problems efficiently. In this struggle, you gradually move from the easy stuff to the difficult topics.When you are in charge of your studies, your brain will automatically be persuaded to work towards problem solving. This will gradually get better over time.

Success in any form,be it vocational or social, all boils down to self-belief. Through the journey of self-study, you enhance logical reasoning skills. Not only does this enable your brain to take independent decisions but you become more self-reliant. Once you learn how to fix minor to major problems in your studies, it gives you a sense of achievement. This in turn is responsible for building self-confidence that will stick to you for lifetime.

At Charaka, we believe that triumph is a byproduct of a combination of various efforts clubbed together. Instead of being on the two ends of a fence with classroom versus self-study we devise modules that bring together the best of both worlds.This is what sets us apart from the rest of the coaching centers for NEET in Bangalore.

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