Why Failure Is the Stepping Stone to Success

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”- Winston Churchill

While most people try to avoid failure at all costs, there are some who learn to get back up after being hit with it. These are the people who become successful in their lives. It might be regarded as the worse thing to happen to you, but there’s no teacher better than failure. When you overcome hardships in anything you do, you gain unconquerable perseverance and invincible knowledge that will be with `you forever. The experts at our NEET coaching Bangalore indulge every student in learning beyond academics and building their personality in the process.

What is Failure?

When someone says, “failure” our mind automatically perceives it as a negative thing. This is because most of us have been brought up with the idea of failure being detrimental. We say that fear is painful and is the major cause of emotional troubles inflicting guilt and regrets into our minds. But, people who have known true failure and have bounced back from it, acknowledge that failure is necessary to triumph.From Michael Jordan to Oprah Winfrey, there are numerable examples proving that failure is not only inevitable but a stepping stone to success.

The Significance of Failure

There are five robust life lessons that failure instills in you. Be it failing at the term paper or facing a job rejection; if you have recently failed at something which has affected you in a big way, then you should keep these important lessons in your mind.


The knowledge you gain from failures is invaluable.This knowledge can of use in your future to overcome any failure that may come your way. Any question you might face can easily be answered with the things you learn from failing. Nothing can replace the knowledge gained from failure. From the first cassette to the first Floppy Disk to the first Compact Disk, they were all products of knowledge being put to use. This is the first lesson we impart to our students at our coaching centre for NEET, preparing them for a better future ahead.


Experience is the most important lesson which you gain.When you go through something whether you are successful or not, you take away firsthand experience with you, helping you develop a deeper comprehension for life.The pain that one feels after losing at something might be harsh in the moment, but is priceless in the long run.It will transform your life helping you improve yourself for the years to come.


Failing in life gives you more resilience. The harder we fall, the better we become.Your strength is not defined by how much you have achieved in life, but with how well you have gotten back up after a brush with your first failure.In order to achieve greatness, you must have resilience. Not only is hard success better, but it builds your strength as well. If you expect that things happen overnight, you are sure to set yourself up for a painful failure. Hence, you should believe that true success willtake an enormous amount of hard work and dedication.


You would have noticed a certain change in your personality and behavior since the last time you couldn’t answer a question correctly. This is evidence enough that when you fail, you grow to become a mature human being.You figure out the purpose of everything you do, and have deeper understanding about your life. This will ultimately help you reflect and gain perspective while creating meaning from tough situations. Without progress, you can’t walk about in any aspect of your life.


Where there is value, there is a win in disguise. When you prioritize things, youadd value to them respectively.One of the main lessons you can learn from life’s failure is the need to create good value in life. When you comprehend your past catastrophes, you should analyze if you could have done better, could you have brought more to the table or if you could have offered more value to prevent failure.When you consistently add more worth to the things you do, you will eventually taste success.

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