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Course Modules

Foundation/Bridge Course

A month long foundation course for students who aspire to take up PCMB (Science stream) in the first year of college/11th Std. The course encompasses the basics of PCMB necessary for start of science education in college. Our foundation course starts from class 9th onwards which helps students to gauge the difficulty level and extent of preparation needed to crack a competitive exam. Additionally, they get familiar with patterns of NTSE, Olympiad and KVPY exams.


A composite course of Maths & Science for class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th provides an opportunity to not only get good grades in PUC but also prepare the student to perform well at the entrance level test. We conduct these classes 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday.We have experienced teacher for each subject who have taught hundreds of students and understand the pattern of the exams given every year. The experience of our faculty provides a good support and a proper guide of every individual student in the class.


A composite course of PCMB curriculum for the class 11th & 12th students. Course designed for the annual scheme and competitive exams for Engineering and Medical. This course has a structure that changes every year as the studies and exams in PUC change as well. We have designed the courses in a way that every student would be able to grasp the topics and understand it.

Crash Course

A comprehensive crash course for competitive exam aspirants of IIT-JEE (Mains & Advanced), KCET, COMED-K, NEET-UG. 30 Days of intense problem solving and mock tests. Evaluation on the same to assess performance. Rapid problem-solving techniques.

Our Crash course is designed to help student learn what is needed in a short amount of time. The key areas of learning are specifically taken from the exams patterns of previous years so student understand the exam they would be appearing for and how you may pass in the first attempt.

P (Physics) /C (Chemistry ) /B (Biology) /M (Math)

Individual subjects designed for the annual scheme and competitive exams for Engineering and Medical. Individual subject are for student who only struggle in certain areas and need a guidance in understand the fundamentals of the subject.


Teachers student ratio (30 students per batch only)
Charaka is committed in ensuring competitive exam coaching to a maximum student-teacher proportion which can warranty that you get the attention and support you need to reach your highest consideration, which is why Charaka is said to be the best institute in Bangalore.

Topic wise presentation with Charaka mock tests
Subject wise coaching is one of the best ways of teaching which not only assist the bookman to understand the depth of the subject field but also revise it in the form of a Charaka mock test which will helper them to identify the development areas. Charaka have drawn up an extensive agenda to ensure students get sufficient exercise after every topic is covered.

Individual attention
Every student has a wide range of skills, in varying specialty and impuissance which is most required for the competitive classes. When all are dumped into the same school room, these strengths and weaknesses are not addressed. Charaka pays mortal aid to know about each student’s strengths and weaknesses uniquely.

Well researched study materials & worksheets
Concepts are covered right from the fundamentals, explained with the help of lucid examples. Sufficient number of booklets, practice questions with detailed solutions are also provided.

Well experienced and trained faculties
Teaching is considered to be the most complicated jobs today. It requires broader cognition regarding the subject matter, curriculum, and standards; enthusiasm, a lovingness attitude, and a love of encyclopedias; We believe that our teachers have all the said skills which will surely help in meeting the educate and their parent’s prospect.

Doubt clearing classes
Dubiousness clearing classes supporter to remove the pre-examination jitters of student s to a great extent. It is also said to be a method acting to interact and understand the grasping behavior of individual student. We have integrated doubt clearing academic term in our schedules.

Well-equipped classrooms
It is essential to have well managed classroom which will help to improve class efficiency and create an environment conducive to learning. Charaka is equipped with modern font attention like projector, audio visual system, intro let approach that helps the pupil to not only understand the concept but also register the lectures

Performance reviews and analysis
Charaka helps to identify the persuasiveness and weaknesses of individual bookman and to maintain & assess the potential drop present in a student for further growth and exploitation. This allows us to see where we are heading towards and give clarity on coming together our goals.

Career counselling
We will ensure that the scholarly person should feel confident and have positive thoughts towards achieving his finish . Also, the student needs to have a flexible plan of attack to understand his/her potential and make the best use of them to achieve success.

Value added offerings for interested candidates/prospects
Case to brass stratum are being conducted for the competitive exams so that they will be able to have a direct interactions with the scholarly persons. State of the artistry adeptness with centrally breeze conditioned class rooms, projectors, phone systems are provided to the student.Charaka ensures that the student have active voice erudition approach shot, the staff over here Highly qualified and has decades of experience in educational activity, Individual attention to the pupil , Coaching job covers both PUC tutelage and entree exam cookery, Life history Counseling, Scholarships for eligible students, Free people mock trial, Subject Isaac Mayer Wise presentation with mock psychometric test every fortnight, Systematically researched cogitation cloth and worksheet, Students who are into +1,+2PUC

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Charaka is one of the best coaching centres in Bangalore to deliver top quality tuitions for a wide range of competitive exams. Engineering and medical entrances are some of our top priorities. We provide premium tuition lessons for IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced), NEET PG, PUC, COMEDK, CET and various other highly competitive exams. Our experienced faculty and top-notch infrastructure has proved to be pivotal in churning out scores of engineers and medicos in the contemporary industry. The maximum benefit of students being our primary objective, Charaka models its classes in a way that helps young minds learn best. One of Karnataka’s best coaching centres; Charaka is dedicated to reflect quality standards of education. We have built a liberal environment, backed by a truly digital groundwork where students are encouraged to utilize their potential best. Our students are provided with a learning experience that upholds international standards.

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